Rachael from Blade Runner

Rachael from Bladerunner costume

Here's a costume guide for the character Rachael from Blade Runner, with the hair and make-up tips.

So who is Rachael? Rachael is the assistant to Dr Eldon Tyrell, head of the Tyrell Corporation. Unbeknownst to her she is a replicant but doesn't realize she is because she has been implanted with the memories of Tyrell's niece.

Blade Runner has been described as a Sci-Fi Film Noir, as such the costume designers were influenced by classic 1930s and 1940s fashion.

"I wanted to create a futuristic heroine who was believable in the future, but with her feet firmly planted in film noir past.”

- Michael Kaplan, Costume Designer for Blade Runner (source)

For Rachael they were particularly influenced by the costume designer Gilbert Adrian and the costumes he designed for Joan Crawford, especially her signature shoulder pads. Rachael certainly has a look of Joan Crawford with her hair and make-up resembling those seen in Mildred Pierce.

Racheal from Bladerunner costume


  • Black/grey wide-tapered, wide-shouldered, boxy blazer or jacket
  • Black/grey shirt with ruffles or some other detail like a tie or cravat around the neck
  • Black/grey figure hugging pencil skirt
  • Skin colored hosiery
  • Black/grey heels
  • Accessories: Fake cigarettes, faux fur coat
Blade Runner Rachael costume

Blade Runner Rachael costume
Pencil Skirt


Rachael has dark hair done up in a vintage style with faux bangs, below is a tutorial on how to achieve the look at home, or alternatively if you have different colored hair or want something easier you can opt for a Vintage Wig.


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