How To Plan A Hitchcock Party

Alfred Hitchcock theme party
An Alfred Hitchcock themed Halloween party (or at any other time of the year for that matter) provides lots of inspiration for yourself and your guests, plus any friends who are into vintage fashion will love it. Here are a few ideas of what you can use and include.

Hitchcock Costume Ideas

Mrs Danvers from Rebecca, 1940, Hitchcock costume
Mrs Danvers from Rebecca, 1940

Lars Thorswald from Rear Window, 1954, Hitchcock costume
Lars Thorswald from Rear Window, 1954

Hitchcock costumes, Vertigo
Judy/Madeleine from Vertigo, 1958

Norman Bates costume
Norman Bates Costume, from Psycho, 1960

Melanie Daniels costume, The Birds, 1963
Melanie Daniels Costume from The Birds, 1963

Decoration Ideas

  • Prints of Hitchcock movie posters
  • Hitchcock films playing in the background
Raven/Birds Halloween Decoration, Hitchcock Party theme

  • Birds - Buy some creepy bird ornaments and decorations. If you are good at origami you can create your own and hang them from the ceiling. Another way to create the sinister bird atmosphere is to leave different colored feathers scattered on the floor or by the window.

Bates Motel sign, Hitchcock party

Bloody Shower Curtain decoration, Hitchcock party
  • Rocking Chair - Rocking chairs are creepy, add a skeleton, an old lady wig and old lady clothes and you can recreate the final scenes of Psycho.

Psycho Hitchcock Decorations
Psycho Decorations
  • Dali Posters - The sets for the dream sequences in Spellbound were designed by Salvador Dali, why not have a dedicated area of surreal artwork.

Dali dream sequence from Spellbound, 1945
Dali dream sequence from Spellbound, 1945

  • Large Trunk or Chest - Replicate the tense scenes from Rope by placing a large trunk  conspicuously in the center of the room.


Hitchcock Scavenger Hunt

Turn your Hitchcock inspired decorations into a scavenger hunt and test your guests' knowledge of the master of suspense. Give your guests a list of film titles and they have to find items that match the films. Below are some examples.

Hitchcock Scavenger Hunt, Hitchcock party

More Hitchcock Party Ideas


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